President ECOSF held meetings with Presidents of TUBA and AASSA during the sidelines of TUBA Symposium

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President ECOSF Prof. Tayebi held meetings with Professor Dr. Muzaffer Seker, the President of TUBA (Turkish Academy of Sciences) and Prof. Dr. Ahmet Nuri Yurdusev, President of AASSA (Association of Academies and Societies of Sciences in Asia) to discuss the scientific collaborations between ECOSF and TUBA.

Prof. Tayebi expressed his gratitude to the TUBA president for his warm hospitality and his teams’ efforts to hold the symposium productively. He showed the eagerness of ECOSF for expanding collaborations with TUBA in terms of joint research projects, mobility, joint conference, etc. Prof. Seker shared that his participation and contribution to this Symposium has been invaluable, and his insights is not only enhancing the quality of the symposium, but also helping us achieve our goal of promoting basic sciences and their contribution to sustainable development.

Professor Tayebi explained further objectives and programs of ECOSF and mentioned that Türkiye has not ratified the ECOSF’s Charter even though Türkiye is of the main founding member countries of ECO. He requested both presidents to follow up the country’s ratification through the relevant administrations and negotiations with the Turkish officials. Prof. Seker asked Prof. Tayebi to provide them with the recorded documents, as necessary for their follow-up. 

At the end of this meeting, Professor Tayebi handed over formal letters to both presidents inviting them to participate to ECO Technology and Trade Expo and Conference (TTEC), which will be held by ECOSF, in Islamabad in February 2024.

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